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. and then we look at a remarkable story, how the pentagon papers, the u.s. involvement in vietnam, came to be published not in the new york times by the beacon press. we will hear from three men at the center of the storm. west, ellsberg, robert and former alaska center mike gravel. all over washington, not only in the pentagon, but in the cia, state department, and elsewhere. isit is the government that lawless, not the press. all theseking to put papers into the record automatically. bang, they are in the record. that is how it got into the record of the united states of america. >> all that and more, coming up. i'm amy goodman. today we have a special on whistleblowers and leaks. when edward snowden came forward as the man who had secrets about the national security agency program, he was praised by the country's best known whistleblower, daniel ellsberg. "i think there has not been a more significant or helpful leak out for another ride disclosure in american history ever then went edward snowden shared with a guarded about the nsa, and that includes the pentagon papers." in a momen
the pentagon on the outside of the fifth floor. >> a day unlike any other in the long course of american history: a terrorist act of war against this country. president bush saying today that freedom has been attacked by... >> bush: make no mistake, the united states will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts. >> clarke: president bush said to us in the basement of the white house on the night of 9/11, "you have everything you need." and that was true because, as soon as we went to the congress, they said, "just tell us what you need." blank check. >> narrator: the president was determined to spend whatever was necessary and do whatever was necessary to conduct a new kind of war. >> ashcroft: the president turned to me and said-- in my direction anyhow-- he said, "never let this happen again." >> townsend: i understood that to mean there was no end of the earth we weren't willing to go to, there was nothing we weren't willing to ask for, there was nobody we wouldn't work with. >> narrator: the key to the new war would be secrecy. >> cheney: we'd have to work thro
in the joint chiefs at the pentagon, a now retired marine corps four-star general with a close working relationship with president obama is under investigation for leaking a top secret government project according to legal sources. it was called the stuxnet virus. it wormed its way into computers that helped control iran's nuclear program. it did a lot of damage, but the then officials say the leak of its existence to "the new york times" did its own damage to u.s. efforts against iran. at the time of the leak, the president vowed to find the person responsible. now comes our report tonight. his name is james cartwright, known as hos, his call sign as a fighter pilot. tonight he is a target of a criminal investigation by the justice department into a leak of intelligence. we begin tonight with our national investigative correspondent michael isikoff. >> reporter: general cartwright was a key member of president obama's inner circle of national security advisers. but legal sources tell nbc that cartwright has been notified he is the target of a justice department criminal investigation
that someone at the very highest levels at the pentagon may have been responsible for the leak. in 2012, the new york times ran a story about a computer worm called stuxnet and how it was the obama administration's key weapon in a prolonged cyber attack on iran's nuclear weapons program. it affected computers worldwide in 2010. cybersecurity experts assumed at that time some government had developed it. .he suspicion was confirmed it said the u.s. was behind it and the israelis helped. in named this man, retired general james cartwright as the father of stuxnet. president barack obama was angry my attitude has been zero- tolerance for these kinds of leaks. these are criminal acts when they release information like this. >> according to nbc, a year-long federal investigation into the leak has come to focus on cartwright, once the number two military leader at the pentagon. while cartwright has yet to be formally charged, the question is this -- why would someone who reached the highest levels of the u.s. government do this? >> there are many reasons why people leak classified information
for the compo d compound. what about help from the pentagon? 10:45 p.m. >> i asked the defense attache, is anything coming? >> reporter: the short answer, no. >> i said thank you very much. and we went on with our work. >> reporter: 10:54 benghazi. attackers are drove out of the compound. by that time, sean smith is confirmed dead. but nobody can find ambassador stevens. now 5:00 p.m. in washington. defense secretary leon panetta attends his weekly meeting with the president. >> we ordered all available dod assets to respond. >> reporter: but none outside libya will. >> the quickest response option available was a security team that was located at the embassy in tripoli. >> reporter: the americans have no plane in tripoli. >> we agreed we would move forward with chartering a plane to fly a response team to benghazi to provide additional reinforcement. >> reporter: 11:10 p.m., benghazi. a u.s. drone armed with cameras begins circling with a come pound. five minutes later, a second wave of attackers arrives. >> the annex team withdrew from the facility, and the second wave of attackers t
secret anymore. it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪ jenna: a former pentagon general now the target of a major leak investigation. leaks have been the theme as of late. great to have you with us on this friday, i'm jenna lee. jon: here we go again. i'm jon scott. fox news confirms the former second highest ranking officer in our nation's military is being investigated over the leaking of the stuxnet cyber attack on iran's nuclear facilities. the probe focuses on retired marine general james hoss cartwright. "the new york times" reported last year that cartwright, a four-star general, conceived of and ran a cyber attack called olympic games in 2010. that attack temporarily disabled at least a thousand centrifuges that the iranians were using to enrich uranium. the article and a book written by the statement author included sensitive details about the operation. the leak, considered by many in washington, to be very damaging. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. jennifer, what's going on there? >> reporter: well, jon, a senior u.s. official does confirm to
the pentagon. >> how likely do they feel they will be able to contain and control the opposition here some because as connor stated, it seems that the muslim brotherhood is best poised to take over the next position of power like you said regain the same seat. >> it's interesting. i don't think anyone knows at this point. what i can tell you you is from my seat here at the pentagon and talking to officials here, is there a generally a feeling that the military, the egyptian military, is a strong institution, it is still a credible institution. the u.s. embassy itself is still relying on to protect its periphery as is standard overseas. and there was no movement of marines to any -- any talk of moving marines in to egypt because of concern about u.s. sirte zens at the embassy there. so there is still a belief right now in the pentagon, this washington, that the egyptian military has things under control. they're watching it very carefully. and in fact as we're speaking over at the white house, the president is meeting with his national security team. we know that defense secretary chuck hag
with the sequestration is the week of $493 million out of the pentagon defense budget and we are about to cut another half a trillion which brings it closer to $950 billion out of a ten year budget. the signal that sends to the world is that united states isn't going to be in the position to a more peaceful and stable world in the decade ahead. >> [inaudible] >> [booing] ♪ ♪ >> mr. secretary, in the back of the room, a questioner. >> we will count him as undecided [applause] [laughter] roskam and mr. secretary, i am in the back. first i want to thank you for your service and second, i want to ask you it's been ten plus years since the start of the iraqi war. i would like to know about what you what happened and what you think is going to happen in iraq over the next few years. >> sure. first, with respect to the popular slogan bush lauded people died, bush did not lie. the intelligence was fashioned by george tenet and then you listen to the tonnes community. it was studied exhaustively by colin powell. he made the presentation for the country. to the united nations. it was supported by the congr
a press conference right away. the pentagon is looking forward to implementing this decision. the department of defense will move very swiftly, quote, it will be a decision implemented in every way as it should be. they put it in writing. the defense department intends to make the same benefits available to every military spouse, regardless of sexual orientation, as soon as possible. quote, that is now the law and it is the right thing to do. when the supreme court was hearing this case, the pentagon could not weigh in on its own behalf in the case because the justice department plays that role for the government, but a group of high-ranking military officers including former secretaries of defense wrote the court to say that their experience as military leaders after don't ask, don't tell, their experience as military leaders in a military that has openly gay people serving in it, that experience gave them strong feelings about what the court should do. "the military and civilian leadership long have recognized the physical and emotional wellbeing of service members' familie
as stuxnet and that cartwright conceived and oversaw the special operation from the pentagon. >> we're trying to build a second cyberforce right now. >> cartwright did not respond to requests for comment from nbc news. contacted today, his lawyer, former obama white house council gregory craig said only i have no comment. "the times" story detailed key details of the stuxnet including its code name "olympic games." the cooperation of israeli intelligence and its success in disabling nearly 1,000 iranian centrifuges to enrich uranium. >> this leak was very damaging. clearly what was going on here was a method and it should have been protected. and i think it's had devastating consequences. >> reporter: the fbi originally focused on whether the stuxnet leak came from the white house. late last year, agents started zeroing in on cartwright who had retired from the pentagon in 2011. the motives of whoever leaked remained a mystery. >> there are many reasons why people leak classified information. sometimes it's to attack a program. sometimes it's to defend it. many times we just never know. >> nb
the pentagon? 10:45 p.m. >> i asked the defense attache, is anything coming? >> reporter: the short answer, no. >> i said thank you very much. and we went on with our work. >> reporter: 10:54 benghazi. attackers are drove out of the compound. by that time, sean smith is confirmed dead. but nobody can find ambassador stevens. now 5:00 p.m. in washington. defense secretary leon panetta attends his weekly meeting with the president. >> we ordered all available dod assets to respond. >> reporter: but none outside libya will. >> the quickest response option available was a security team that was located at the embassy in tripoli. >> reporter: the americans have no plane in tripoli. >> we agreed we would move forward with chartering a plane to fly a response team to benghazi to provide additional reinforcement. >> reporter: 11:10 p.m., benghazi. a u.s. drone armed with cameras begins circling with a come pound. five minutes later, a second wave of attackers arrives. >> the annex team withdrew from the facility, and the second wave of attackers took it over. >> did anybody leave anywhere to go to the
. >> thank you so much. glad to be with you, rachel. >> the pentagon says it is eager to enforce these civil rights rulings so it can stop discriminating against some service members and their families. do you think it is unusual to have the pentagon speaking to clearly and so quickly on this matter? >> i think it is good that they spoke clearly. i do think that the efficiency that is within the pentagon will see to it that the rules are carried out as they should be carried out. i also believe that it would be a good idea if the civilian side took a hint from the pentagon in terms of the efficiency of carrying out the many rules and regulations that effect people that shouldn't negatively. i think there are over 1,000 of them within the federal government now. so it would seem to me that it would be very good for the white house to send some orders out to each of the cabinet members with daytime charts on them that say i want to report as to what it is you're doing about such and such. i want it in a few days, not a few weeks, not a few months and i want it changed because it's equitable. >
parts talking about on the ground there, it is a coup with a transition. we know that the pentagon has been in daily discussions with the heads of the army, the defense chief who we just heard from, they have been very reluctant to talk about what message they were giving to the military. they didn't want to be seen. the u.s. does not want to have been seen in having any part of this coup. i am also told by sources that the pentagon and the pentagon officials did not tell the army not to carry out this coup, not to push morsi out because in essence it was very clear when you have 30 million people in the streets that that is also a democratic process. what you are seeing here is the army trying to keep some kind of peace and keep this thing from boiling over into violence by appointing this new interim president and getting to elections as quickly as possible. the military in egypt does not want to rule egypt. they saw how martial law went for 16 months. it was a disaster. there were large crowds that over through the egyptian military in essence when they were mismanaging things for 1
glenn greenwald for nsa secrets. their silence against cnn's pentagon correspondent and her reporting. i'll tell you why there's a double standard, next. >>> imagine for a moment that you're running al qaeda. that means you're spending a lot of time figuring out how to murder people. it also means you have kind of a hard job. because you're trying to manage this global terror network and you don't want the united states with its vast global policing and surveillance resources to be able to catch you. so if your job is running al qaeda, you have to be really, really careful about how you communicate with your employees. we know, for example, that osama bin laden didn't even use a cell phone. he used courier, paper messages, because he knew his communications could and very likely would be monitored. of course, some of his couriers apparently did use cell phones and that is part of what helped bring about his ultimate downfall. but let's say just for argument's sake you're heading up the new post-bin laden al qaeda and you're also terrible at your job. and so you're not at all concerned ab
a -- a game at the pentagon to explore how the united states might secure nuclear weapons in north korea, should that country's government implode, and this raises a number of questions about what would we really do? what would we really face in these situations where a country with nuclear weapons or other weapons of nays destruction face a revolt, a civil war, that was great concern. now, henry had recently a conference on this and looked at a number of cases, and his -- at the center, and he looked at cases in pakistan, pakistan since they acquired nuclear weapons, and there's certainly been political upheaval in china, and most dramatically the fall of the soviet union, and all of those in a sense are good news. they are good news in the sense that armies are conservative obedient organizations, and even when they seize power from a civilian government or the state ceases to exist in its current form like the collapse of the soviet union, the army chain of command stays in tact, soldiers follow orders, the weapons are secured, but that raises the question what happens if the army div
the annex bound for the compound. what about help from the pentagon? 10:45 p.m. >> i asked defense is there anything coming. >> bret: short answer was no. >> we went on with our work. >> bret: six man response team from the annex drive the attackers out of the compound. by that time. sean smith is confirmed dead. nobody confirmed ambassador stevens. it's now 5:00 p.m. in washington. defense secretary leon panetta attends his weekly meeting with the president. >> he ordered all available dod assets to respond. >> bret: none outside libya will. >> the quickest response available was a security team that was located at the embassy in tripoli. >> bret: but they have no plane in tripoli. >> we agreed that we would move forward with chartering a plane to fly a response team to benghazi to provide additional reinforcements. >> bret: 11:10 in benghazi, a. you drone armed only with cameras begins circling above the compound. five minutes later a second wave of attackers arrive. >> annex team withdrew from the facility and second wave of attackers took it over. >> did anybody leave a base an
'll stay on it. thanks. >>> still ahead, a live update from the pentagon on the crisis in egypt. first, another kind of civil war, this one in the past. we go back to gettysburg. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly as i planned.. really? now save up to 60% during summer hotel sale. use code "summer" on priceline's. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >>> tonight a journey back in time. the 150th anniversary of the battle of gettysburg. >> reporter: it is arguably the mot most hallowed ground in the most pivotal time in american history. for the first type the par
, npr, news hour with jim leher, and he was invited by the pentagon to give a lecture inside the pentagon as a luncheon about the state of islam in the world. a sense of how bad the intelligence was at the time in the pentagon, among the sandwiches served was one with bacon on it. you invite him to the pentagon and have bacon. no wonder it went to swimmingly. he was a guy who didn't come from a radical family. his parents are upstanding, amazing people, still are. his dad is one of the most respected academics in yemen. he came to the united states on a full ride scholarship, created the department of agricultural engineering with us-aid and american firms in yes , yemen g to solve the water crisis in that country. they didn't raise him to be the guy you saw in the youtube videos wearing the camouflage and calling for armed jihad against the united states. he was radicalized by the u.s. wars abroad and at home and eventually leaves the united states and spends time in britain, goes to yemen, his family's homeland, and starts recording sermons on cds, audio tapes, and they ar
is not taking sides and pentagon officials say they will not speculate on what may happen in the next 24 hours. the u.s. has very close ties to egypt's military which our government gives more than a billion dollars in aid each year jennifer griffin continues our coverage live at the pentagon tonight. jennifer? >> shepard, there have been no public statements by pentagon officials for fear it will look like they are giving a wink and nod to a coupe in egypt. general martin dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs spokes to egyptian counterpart just prior to egypt military releasing 48 hour ultimatum yesterday. today the state department rebutted reports that u.s. officials have privately officials have urged president morsi to call early elections. >> to alleviate any concerns or assumptions we have not taken sides. we are not on any side. the president communicated that the secretary communicated that and i don't think it could be any more clear. >> the president and secretary of state faced criticism when they authorized the continuation of $1.3 billion in aid and foreign military sales each yea
the pentagon tonight. jennifer? >> well, at this point, the pentagon, shep, has not been asked to assist with this ordered evacuation. that's what the state department calls it. u.s. diplomats and their families have been told to leave egypt tonight, but they will do so through commercial means. the u.s. military is not being asked to send in planes or marines to assist with the evacuation. that would be considered a noncombatant evacuation order, and that has not been ordered as of yet. as the defense secretary chuck hagel and chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey met with the president and his national security team at the white house today, hundreds of arrest warrants have been issued. i'm told four muslim brotherhood leaders inside egypt, again, they were meeting just after the egyptian defense chief announced the removal of president morsi. several weeks ago a contingent of about 550 marines were moved from monroe spain to italy in recent days to respond, if needed to the trouble in egypt. they remain approximately 1,000 miles away tonight for a three hour flight from
was a force inside the pentagon pushing for stronger cyber capabilities. the now-retired four-star marine had a seat at the table for top national security discussions nsd was a favored presidential adviser. >> i couldn't be more grateful to him, general jim cartwright. >> reporter: now, cartwright is the target of a federal investigation into leaks of a aovert cyber attack on iran's facilities. the stuxnet computer virus, widely believed to be the work of u.s. and israel intelligence, was used to interrupt iranian centrifuges in 2010. ,etails of the covert operation were leaked and last year the "new york times" published a front page expose. pesident obama ordered an investigation. >> since i've been in office my attitude has been zero tolerance for these kinds of leaks and leeculation. >> reporter: while cartwright is ultarget, he has not been charged. late today, his attorney greg oraig issued this statement: greg craig issued this scaiment: the stuxnet investigation is not the only leak case federal prosecutors are now pursuing. they're also trying to track down who gave secret informati
yesterday. and jennifer griffin has the news live in the pentagon. >> the pentagon has been in touch with egyptian military leaders. the pentagon is reluctant to give out readouts for fear of engineering a coup. u.s. officials continue to urge calm and respect for the democratic process. george little said there is no change overnight in terms of the u.s. military prepositioning assets in and around egypt in the event they are called upon to assist the u.s. embassy. right now the u.s. embassy is guarded by the egyptian military which is standard worldwide. the u.s. embassy remains closed today and there are no evacuation orders given as of yet. the pentagon has a contingent of several hundred marines in italy when tension began to mount in egypt and north africa. that is usually based out of moron, spain. it is established in the wake of benghazi. from siingonella marines could get there in three hours fly time and also a unit in the med terian. >> it is irrelevant what president obama said. there are 30 million people on the streets. the only thing he can say to call on morsi to rel
? >> good morning, chris. even for the pentagon this is jaw-dropping. source tells me overnight that yes, general cartwright retired is under investigation by the justice department for material in the book by the "new york times" journalist david sanger his book "confront and conceal" talking in detail, many revelations about iran's nuclear program. nbc news reported this first, saying this is about the leak, did general cartwright leak information about stux inenetst of the most classified crowned jewel of the intelligence, a virus that infected iran's nuclear program in 2010, by u.s. and israeli intel jents to slow iran's nuclear program down. general cartwright is not charged at this point with anything, is under investigation. i have to tell you, jaw-dropping because james cartwright long acknowledged as one of the most brilliant minds in the u.s. military, an expert in nuclear weapons and cyber warfare. >> thank you very much. later on in the show we'll unpack this more and figure out what's going on here and why it may have happened. >>> we turn our focus to congress, an overwhelm
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we write a blank check. we should audit the pentagon. that is to be audited? an insult to every taxpayer in the country. we should audit the pentagon. -- in and conn's budget, the pentagon's budget, tom coburn found this out, one of the great deficit hawks and waste warriors up there, he found $7 billion that could be cut from the defense budget.why? because many of feel a patriotic vote for the defense budget, the people packet full of goodies. $7 billion. it had in it $1.8 billion for a study to develop roll-up beef jerky. i'm not sure how that is keeping the russians or others at bay. they had $5 billion in there to theyy a collection of fish. said i did not understand what they were try to do, which is true. i called it a bunch of goldfish, and they were actually golden fish. there's a lot of money being wasted in a $4 trillion budget. we could go through hundreds and hundreds of programs. one more, $3 billion spent to study monkeys on meth. does anyone think that they are not just as crazy as people on meth?that is ridiculous. but it runs from top to bottom throughout the g
? it's six kilometers away from washington, d.c. the jury pool is made up of cia, pentagon, et cetera. in the legal community in the united states it's known as the rocket docket because of the lack of scrutiny of procedures out there. there's a 99% chance that -- a 99.97% chance that if you're a target of the grand jury you'll be indicted. and a 99% chance that if you're indicted by a grand jury, you'll be convicted. this is not a situation ignoring all the political rhetoric which has been terrible over the past two weeks, where mr. snowden can feel he would be afforded justice in the united states. >> is there any country that will grant mr. snowden asylum? >> under u.n. conventions, mr. snowden has the right to apply to nearly every country for asylum. it's always a mixture of the political and the legal. and i think there are several countries where it is politically possible for mr. snowden to receive asylum, and many countries, of course, where he's legally entitled to that kind of protection. it's -- no one is alleging that any of his acts are anything other than political. th
the chat as long as possible, to find out more details. he also alerted the pentagon that they may have a security breach. lamo was nervous and felt trapped. >> there was no correct option; there was only the least incorrect one. either way, i would have been screwing somebody over. >> i had to pick who. there was no option to just sit back and wash my hands of the responsibility, because that, in and of itself, would have been a making a choice. >> smith: lamo then called a reporter he knew at >> he called me to tell me that he that he had a meeting set up the next day with the fbi and the army, because he was turning in somebody who'd contacted him online and confessed to passing classified information to... to someone he described as a foreign national. >> smith: poulsen convinced lamo to hand him a copy of the chat, and then asked a colleague to follow up on any leads. >> we went through the chat logs and we looked at what else he mentioned. tyler watkins was named in the chat logs. >> smith: zetter called watkins. he told her about a conversation he'd had with manning du
. we've learned from our chief pentagon correspondent that secretary of defense chuck hagel has spoken this week twice with his counterpart in egypt. we have no sense of exactly what that conversation included. we also know that john kerry and others have been having conversations with people within egypt as well. >> thank you, peter. thanks for that report. i want to the go back to ambassador mark ginsburg and dig in on what we were just hearing from peter, which of course there are long-standing ties, financial and diplomatic, with egypt under the camp david accords, all that money on top of that, extra appropriated money and a strong and long-term relationship with the military, which was important during mubarak's ouster not all that long ago. ambassador, how does that come into play in the diplomacy of all this, and will the u.s. get into details of the road map? for example, as we were discussing with richard, is the u.s. likely to say, whatever you do in a future election, it's got to be protected for participation by all parties? >> interestingly enough, just a few months ago t
, general alcee see is obviously well-known to all the pentagon establishment. mr. morsi has had actually some relatively good what i would call personal ties with president obama but the fact is is that clearly, morsi rebuffed the president's appeal pore consensus as a result of the defiant speech that we see that didn't really have much influence. the fact is, is that from a strategic perspective, the united states has a great attack in the stability of the egyptian military first and foremost because of its role in guaranteeing the camp david accord agreements between israel and egypt and secondly to maintain a stability. there's been a lot of violence, skroi, in the streets of egyptian cities leading up to tonight. we have to remember that while we're seeing all of these joyful demonstrations in tahrir square, there's a lot of violence that is taking place if other cities across egypt by opponents and supporters of president morsi. >> stay with me for a moment. i want to bring in peter alexander, nbc's white house correspondent who is outside the white house. peter, we haven't yet hea
, pentagon officials said china's military has mounted attacks on u.s. computers. but the accusations go both ways. snowden, the former intelligence contractor, said this month that national security agency employees have repeatedly hacked into chinese computers. >>> chinese authorities are rolling out the red carpet for the leader of their closest leaders. south korean president park guen-hye will visit with xi jinping. her visit is set to reaffirm the close ties between the two nations. park is scheduled to meet with xi after attending a welcoming ceremony in beijing. analysts are keen to hear what the two leaders will say about north korea. officials there recently signaled their willingness to resume the so-called six-party talk on the country's nuclear program. park is scheduled to stay for four days. during that time she'll speak at a university about the importance of ties with china. this is park's second foreign tour since she assumed the presidency. her first was to the united states. >>> iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has defended the country's nuclear program. analys
is going on. good reporting, thank you, chris lawrence at the pentagon. coming up, we have new information coming up in the "the situation room" about nelson mandela's situation. >>> also, a heist at one of the most famous jewelry stores in the world. ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ ♪ yeah! yeah! yeah! or you can choose to blend out. ♪ oh, yeah-eah! ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. [ male announcer ] with everyone on the go this summer, now's the perfect time to get home security for protection while you're away. and right now you can get adt security installed starting at just $49, a savings of $250. but hurry. offer ends soon. don't wait. call right now or visit this is a fire that didn't destroy a home. this is a break-in that didn't devastate a family. this is the reason why. adt. you can't predict when bad things will happen, but you can help protect yourself with the fast alarm response of adt, with 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide starting at just over $1 a day. thi
in the quarter ahead. pentagon cuts are slowly nipping away at contracts, so expect companies to update international plans. they think ex perpts can reach 30% of technology says it could south korea but deloit says they are transitioning to more affordable high tech, software and sensors rather than ships and tanks, even so, but where. the last quarter nearly every major defense company beat expectations and some even raised guidance. for "nightly business report," i'm jane wells. >>> coming up on the program, we'll check out what might be in store for stocks and bonds, but first, oil right at the psychological 100-dollar level. an expensive quarter in the oil business and what could it mean at the gas pump? the outlook coming up next. >>> oil prices have been hoovering around $100 a barrel for sometime now and gasoline prices are around $3.50 but with summer driving and hurricane season upon us, and tensions rising in the middle east, it's worth watching the enneergy pat in this quarter. >> reporter: where is what to watch for in the quarter ahead. a record level of supply and the sup
in arming and training syrian rebels. national security correspondent janice griffin is at the pentagon on a new effort to slam on the brakes. >> reporter: as the director of the cia and vice president joe biden arrived on capitol hill for closed door briefings on syria the cia continues preparations to begin arming and training the syrian rebel opposition from bases in turkey and jordan and rand paul joined house democrats today to present a bill that would block military aid until authorized by a joint resolution of congress. >> there already are people training the troops. there is a danger that we get sucked into war. the strongest groups among the rebels is the al n ark sasra. they are the sunnis who fought us in iraq snrk john kerry arrived in jordan as there were report it is cia has been moving weapon there is from seb rhett warehouses and plans to arm small groups of syrian rebels in the coming week: the pentagon is not involved in arming the syrian rebels though its planes have been carrying humanitarian aid through turkey. >> do you have a comment on weapons to syria? >> no.
. if convicted she could face up to five years in prison on each count. >>> a former member of the top pentagon brass is at the center of a major leak investigation. >> he's under investigation by the service department. that's according to a source familiar with the situation. he's the former vice chairman of the joints chief of staff. >> let's bring in barbara starr. tell us about this investigation. i imagine there's a lot of head shaking at this pentagon particularly when it comes to a motive. >> head shaking, jaw dropping, but no explanation yet. what we do know is that the justice department is investigating retired general, four star james cartwright for material related to what was in david savers book about iran's nuclear program. the journalist wrote this book. had a lot of sources but nbc news is reporting it was general cartwright who is under investigation for leaking details of the computer virus that the u.s. put in the iranian nuclear program to try to slow it down. unprecedented that a four star general might have engaged in this. there's a lot of befuddlement. cartwright not j
the pentagon. >> reporter: general james cartwright, former vice chairman of joint chiefs, dubbed bob woodward of having most favorable general status at the white house during the president's first term. the justice department is investigating him for his alleged role in top secret cyber attacks on iran's nuclear facility. >> we have mechanisms in place where if we can root out folks that have leaked, they will suffer consequences. >> reporter: the investigation began a year ago, after "the new york times" reporter david sanger published confront and conceal, obama's secret war and surprising use of american power, a book outlining the collaboration between the nsa and israel to launch the worm to destroy iranian centrifuges and stop iran's nuclear program. he was described as architect of the program. cartwright's lawyer issued the following statement. general jim cartwright is an american hero who served his country with distinction for four decades. any suggestion that he could have betrayed the country he loves is preposterous. june 1st last year, "the new york times" published an excerpt
that the cia says it will transfer its jerome program to the pentagon. heard that on democracy now this morning and wondering at lack of public explanation which obama says he will give about the drone program, to what extent that is covering up struggles and turf wars between the cia and the pentagon and the white house and to what extent as other questioners have said a war machine that no longer considers itself bound by the rule of law. >> this has been talked about for some time. in reality what this is a dog and pony show. they talk about john brennan like he is like st. augustine, looking to this later it is incredible. these articles talking about how he and obama of these months running the drone program and brandon, part of the dog and pony show, he couldn't become cia director when obama first tried to nominate him because democrats stood up and said we don't want a guy who praised tortured to be the director of the cia and years later it is rand paul and the crazy parade opposing him which shows you how far we have come and we're going to move the drone program to the military becau
: the state department rebutted reports u.s. officials urged president morsi to call early elections. pentagon officials have said nothing for fear it will look like they're giving a wink and nod to a coup. general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs, spoke to his egyptian counter part prior to egypt's military setting its 48 hour ultimatum to morsi yesterday. last night, egypt's military clarified what it meant. quote, the beliefs and culture of the armed forces do not allow pursuit of a coup policy. the military acts only with the will of the great egyptian people and their ambitions towards change and reform. the pentagon has continue to help the egyptian military since the fall of hosni mubarak, providing $1.3 billion of mostly m-1 abrams tanks, some f-16 fighter jets each year. the u.s. has been providing this type of aid since 1979, when it became the first arab state to sign a peace deal with rael. >> there were no leverages from the u.s. to keep everything in check, probably the military would have been in a whole now. >> reporter: some egyptian opposition leaders say this is
behind the scenes. you have got the military commanders here and the pentagon the chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey, chuck hagel the defense secretary making calls to the military saying on the one hand, not wanting to take sides. on the one hand they are happy that morsi is probably going to be pushed out by the military. but they don't want the military to take over because if a coupe takes place, that $1.3 billion in aid each year will be in jeopardy. there are certain laws in the u.s. that aid has to be frozen if a military coupe takes place. so what they really want is for the military to remove the muslim brotherhood, remove morsi, which has been a problem from the get-go for this administration since they were elected. and, but not to hold on to power. that's why you see the -- that's why you see the military meeting with mohammed baradei. >> i understand that the egyptian military is friendly to the u.s.a. because most of this money we send to it egypt the 1.3 billion goes to them, correct? >> that's right. in fact, they get the n 1 abrams tanks. they got f-16
of citizenship, their passports, is a disgrace. nowhe pentagon has confirmed it is blocking access to the guardian website at u.s. military facilities around the world. the ban only includes articles related to the leaks. same-sex marriage has been allowed to resume in california. couples to exchange vows across the state for the first marriages in five years. they included paul katami and jeff zarrillo, who were involved in the trial of proposition 8. at their marriage, they hailed the victory to the path to equality. >> people ask us all the time, did you have any second thoughts, and did you want to do this when you have the opportunity? how could you not? this is an opportunity to right a wrong. when we leave this earth, people will say that we did not stand for being treated as second- class citizens. i hope we did a little bit to change the path towards equality. >> opponents of same-sex marriage asked the court to halt the resumption of marriages but the request was denied. the resumption of same-sex marriage came just in time for gay pride celebrations this weekend across t
.c.. >>mark:defense secretary chuck hagel says the pentagon will extend health care, housing and other federal benefits to the same-sex spouses of military members. by october 1st, the pentagon will extend a variety of benefits to same-sex partners -- including access to on-base commissaries and some health and welfare programs. an estimated 18-thousand same-sex couples are in the active duty. it's unclear how many of those are married. it wasn't until he was running for a second term when president obama came out as a supporter of gay marriage. he released this statement yesterday on the defense of marriage act. it reads. quote -- "i applaud the supreme court's decision to strike down the defense of marriage act. this was discrimination enshrined in law. it treated loving, committed gay and lesbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people. the supreme court has righted that wrong, and our country is better off for it. we are people who declared that we are all created equal - and the love we commit to one another must be equal as well" >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 mornin
already issues there with the pentagon. he was known as being dovish on the surge in afghanistan and didn't have a whole lot of allies among some of his pentagon troops but he is very popular on the hill, especially with the intelligence committees. now according to michael isikoff's reporting, michael isikoff is reporting that the justice department is looking at him as a prime suspect. he's not been charged, but a prime suspect in the stuxnet leak -- >> very serious leak. >> to david sanger. brilliant book by sanger, of the "new york times," on the whole issue of how we slowed down the iranian nuclear program with israel working to undermine their computers. >> it is kind of hard to understand the motivation. >> it could have been an inadvertent leak which was also the case in the valerie plame case. >> i'm probably in the minority on this but this strikes me as as big a deal in snowden in a kind of way. we aren't talking about a disaffected 29-year-old hacker. we're talking one of the nation's senior-most military leaders. a criminal investigation. i think this is going to have an impa
has had a channel. now the pentagon has one, called the pentagon channel. has nasa had an unfair advantage by selling what they do? >> quite the contrary. if you look at nasa's communication -- if you look at our find the line item for communications. david weaver, my director of communications rvings one of the things i agreed with him is he would not have to go around town with a tin cup. i haven't been able to do that yet. david goes from director to director digging for money to help tell their story. so our communications department put on the video that you just saw, that that was with funds that the science mission director, for example, had designated as a -- an amount of money for education and public outreach. so that is an example of what i call a very wise expenditure of the taxpayers' funds. >> you could also say that's a clever way of hiding the communication expenditures. >> there are people that believe that. and if you want nasa not to communicate its story, then theoretically, someone could take away all funds and prohibit us from ever broadcasting anything abou
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